Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Updates

About 5 days after I got out of bed with the flu, I ran the Austin Marathon. Ran about 4;26 came out to about a 10:10 pace. Didn't run again till the following Thursday. Tried out the Merrell trail glove w/o socks. It's like the 5 finger, with out the 5 fingers. Rubbed blisters on both little toes, and my heels. I was not super impressed at all. I got persuaded to run the Cowtown 50k by Ganda Man. Talked with Derek Westbrook and we decided to shoot for 5 hours or so. Went to the race expo, picked up a pair of NB Road Miniumus. They ran like a dream. Had to put some tape on my ankles and toes where the blisters were from the trail glove. Derek and I were right at 2:30 at 15 miles, and it was humid as hell, so i figured that we werent going to make 5 hours, but we held on for a 5:15 finish. Derek ran a PR, i was about 11 min over my PR time. But, same as Austin ran right at 10:10 pace. Went out to RockSprings this weekend, for the Nuecues race. Was supposed to run the 50 mile. But, didn't feel it. So I stayed in bed and slept till noon. Could have done the 50K or the 25K but, blew them off also. I think I needed the rest. I typically, don't do that kind of stuff, but I am still feeling a little crap from the flu. oh well. I drove 2.5 hours so I could sleep for 13. Pretty nice.
Started my first speed work training yesterday. Ran 5 800 with a 400 recovery between. Averaged 3:23, with 3:15 being my best. Today ran 5 200 or so meter sprints. Felt okay. Also bought a george foreman grill. Going to get a little more serious about loosing some weight. At 190 now, 10 pounds down from when I had the flu. Going for 20 more, maybe by EOM April. Grill is bad ass. Also picked up a pair of NB trail minimus, havnet run much trail in them, so no reports yet.
Going to run the Prickly Pear 50K this weekend. Ran a 5:06 last year, going to try to run a 9:10 pace and come in around 4:40. That will be bad ass. So we will see.

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