Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yea, It Sucked

Was going to bag my run after work, but those NB Minimus were calling my name. Damm fine shoe. Kinda wanted to see what I could do after a week of speed work. Went for 9 miles, averaged a 8:29 pace. Had trails, road, urban terrain, hills. Not bad. Felt great afterwards. Kinda makes me wish I woulda started those 800's about a month ago. Was trying to get a feel for what pace I should try to set on Saturday at the prickly pear 50K. I really would like to go 4:30, but that's probably a stretch at 8:50 pace. Prob, try to keep it at about 9 pace for 20 miles, then hopefully under 9:30 for the last ten. Gotta use all my experience to make sure I fuel right and stay hydrated. Anything under 5 would be bad ass, but under 4:45, I'm going to get wasted and party to celebrate!!! One of the girls from "the office" was in a bad car accident a while back and is doing physical therapy to recover her ability to walk again. So I'm dedicating my 50K run to her. If all goes well I may beat my PR by 30ish minutes. We will see.
No day is promised to you. Make the most of each day. An old acquaintance of mine believes in re-incarnation. So he used to say, the body is just a temporary vessel, so ride the fuck out of it, you'll get a new one.
Well he could be right, I don't know. But, I rather like to go with. God gave you this body, don't waste it. If you can do, then do. I don't run for God per se, but he probably enjoys seeing you pursue the limits of the potential that he has endowed you with.
So, I'm going to give it all I got, and see what I come up with.


olga said...

Have fun, push it, be smart, and Never Let Go! (ps.s you'd proud of me reading Dan John)

johnt said...

You know, I have never read Dan John's book. Was it good? I think I will buy that book right now.

olga said...

He is funny. And preaches same I do (while quoting a few Russians:)) - simple, yet hard work is all you need.