Sunday, March 13, 2011

4:46 50K. Hip, Hip, Hurray!

Yea, you read that right. Fast. Second fasted pace I've ever run. But, overall I had the best race I have ever done. Managed my hydration, salts, and fuel perfectly. No issues. Had 2 gels per loop on 1st 2 loops, and 3 gels on the last loop. Drank 2 to 3 16oz water bottles per loop. (loops were 10 miles). Had coke at almost every aid station, for all 3 loops. Oh and 6 Scaps per loop or so, about 2 per bottle. To run a 9:13 average pace, you gotta dip down in the 8min 7:30 zone, quite a bit. First loop ran alone, got into a spot and it almost seemed like I was the only guy out there. Second loop ran with Brain Ricketts. This due is like 6'4, he's running 8min pace, looks like he ain't even moving. I had trouble keeping up. Had to weave in and out of all the 10 milers here, which is always fun. Parted ways at the 7 mile aid station on loop 2. Kinda eased in behind some other dude that running a good race, but he was running 9ish. Seemed a bit slow, but I needed the recovery. Came in on loop 2, looking good. Left on loop 3, behind the same dude, he was starting to slow down, so I went on around. In the first half of the loop, I passed about 6 or 7 50k'ers. And then didn't see anymore. Up on the damm, I was running 7:50. Popped smoke on some ass! Anyway, was by myself the whole loop. Finally, walked about mile 6.5 of loop 3, but really just stopped for a second. Thinking, shit man. This fuckin blows. Anyway, I pulled up my big boy shorts. Hammies were screaming from all that speed work earlier in the week. Which paid of nicely, by the way. Was about 1'500 yards from the finish line, still in the trees. Freakin did a superman and busted my ass. Ran the whole race and fell down at the very end. Oh well.
Ended up 3rd in my age bracket, again. Beat my 50K PR by 22 minutes, and still got 3rd, just like last year. Arrrrgh. When I got done, I busted out my party hat and glasses. Drank about 7 beers, while still at the park. And they had fajitas, so that was cool. Ate some of them. Meet a new trail runner from Austin, told her to get hooked up the the Hill Country Trail Runners. She kicked ass, 5 hours. She is also a soccer player, so she has one hell of a running base. And, she is pretty cute too.
Anyway, left the park. Stopped off at Hooters to celebrate a bit. Had about 3 more. Sat there BS'in with one of the girls that used to work there, was hanging out with her parents, and her sister (still works there). Anyway, she was lookin hot. That party fizzled out, so I got on to the house. Poured a vodka neat, it wasn't going down well at all. So busted out some Becks. Had about 5 more tall boys.
Surprisingly, I don't feel like total shit today. I'm moving good, feeling good, little bit of a headache. haha


olga said...

Congrats on PR, dude, but all that drinking stinks! No cute soccer gal for ya!

johnt said...

Yea, Olga. I know. I was celebrating. Baby steps. Going to get faster, but hopefully not so much celebrating, next time.