Monday, March 14, 2011

Change of Plans

Well Leadville and Tahoe are out. I found this race called La Ultra - The High.
Actually from one of those targeted ads on the right hand side of my facebook page.
Other than actually climbing Denali or something like that, this is the ultimate high altitude, mountain, running adventure. And, BTW, I freakin hate being cold and camping at night and being cold in a sleeping bag, so no Denali like stuff for me. I submitted an inquiry on-line, and the RD gave me permission to run the race. My credentials are pretty light, judging by the standards of the 3 people who ran it last year, but I am excited and pumped. My only real qualification is finishing Hardrock 100 last year. This is in the foothills of the Himalayas, the most bad ass mountain chain in the world. In northern India.
What is actually pretty coincidental, my Tahoe and Leadville trips, I bought the travel insurance. First time ever. So I should get a refund on the ticket. The Tahoe race entry I can roll to next year. Not sure about Leadville race entry.
I still will have to train hard. I will need a very,very strong heart. Need to figure out how to do heart-ups or or heart-presses/curls or something.
Anyway, went for 7.5 miles today, slow. Ran over to Gold's did a little stretching and some easy lifting to work out the kinks from Saturday.


JohnF said...

That's going to be one grand adventure.

Larry said...

You need to train like you're going to climb Denali and you need to start NOW. Seriously! I have a really solid training plan for Denali if you're interested. Oh, yeah, and drop some serious weight, too. It's your enemy in the mountains and at altitude.

johnt said...

Yea Larry, I'll take a look at your Denali plan. And, yea I still need to drop 20lbs. It isn't happening overnight. ha. Around 168 to 172 and should be able to fly.

olga said...

And give your heart some rest by dropping drnking like a sailor! Will help both with weight loss and heart curls.

johnt said...

You are right Olga. I think I am going to have to either give up or cut way back on expresso too. I am always tired. Like today after my workout. Maybe dehydrated, I don't know.

olga said...

I gave up coffee for 2 weeks and while had some drops (which I had before and would use a cup for a pick up), was able to live just fine. This weekend we went to visit family, and I drank coffee every day. Felt like a train ran over me when ran (and just walked around). Weird experiment (not intended that way). Also, you know we only comment because we care. And you know how much I dislike promises that are not made true:) So, buckle up and show me something here.