Friday, February 12, 2010

Building Momemtum

Wholly Shit. I just blew up the 1st VWC protocol.

It calls for 15sec @ 7 KB snatches per set followed by 15 sec rest, then repeat for 80 sets with a 35lbs kettle bell.

Well last night after my treadmill run, I was able to do 40 sets.

Not tonight baby, 80 sets, in YO face!

80-S KB snatch @ 35lbs KB. For the 1st 40 sets, my HR never went above 170. The average for the whole workout was 168, and the max HR was 178. The whole protocol take 40 minutes to complete. After 1 min my HR was 144 and after 2 min the HR was 122. Now that is some hella conditioning.

The Viking Warrior Conditioning workout was after the 5 miles I ran on the treadmill. At a 7mph pace for 5 miles max HR was 167 avg was 160. Getting better.

Next goal is to do 75 KB swings each arm with a 24kb (50lbs) bell with each arm with out setting it down in under 10 minutes. Gonna go for this Monday at lunch. Give my hands a break.