Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tired at The Gym

After my runs today, I went to the gym tonight. It was kinda crappy. Mostly just a little tired.

Here was the run:
2 miles in 15minutes comes to a 7:30 pace, but broke it up in 2 minute intervals with 4 2min intervals at 10MPH and 4 2min intervals at 6.5MPH.


4-S X 5R of rollouts and rollups.

1 set of suitcase holds @ 65lbs.
2-S of 10R Long Cycle at 35lbs KB
1-S of 10R KB snatch at 35lbs KB.

Grilled chicken salad at Hooters for dinner. 2 beers.

BS'ed with my buddy Brice who stopped by, and also Kelli who came in after class.

Charlie, who works there there, but just stopped by on her way out to party was getting primed for a night out. She recently had an "enhancement" Job well done, very enhanced I would say. The twins almost fell out.

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