Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hardrock Training Day 1

Well, I got in. Lucky pick in the lottery. So, I gotta get down to business. Been having a problem with my knee, hoping its just an it band issue, but who knows. It should be ready to go soon, we will see.

Here was today's workout.

Heart Rate Training:
Long Cycle 2 X 30 reps @ 35lbs KB.
Double Snatches 2 X 20 Reps @ 35lbs KB.

Standing ab roll outs: 3 @ 1/4, 2-S X 3-R 1/2, 2-S X 2-R 3/4, 1 Full roll out.
Feet rollups 2 sets 4 rollups.
4 Leg lifts overhead from the frog position.
Farmers walk 70lbs 1 arm 2 X 30second walks, each arm.

Working the backside, working hamstring tie in with the glutes.
Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) 2X8R @ 95lbs

Handstand pushups 4-S X 3-R.

Flexibility Drills:
2 Overhead squats with 45lbs bar.
Various hip stretching.
3 Reps of Walking down the wall. Reach back, walk down the wall.

2 min warm up @ 5mph
3 min 15% incline @ 5mph
2 min @5mph flat
2.5 min @ 15% incline @ 5mph
2 min cool down.
This only equaled about a mile on the treadmill, but I am going to start with quality, over quantity. Heart rate training is my goal here, and hill running. Trying to stay very erect and force the glutes, hamstrings, abs to engage.

I will work this type of workout, hopefully everyday for a while and see where it goes.


olga said...

Lucky bastard! You better finish!

johnt said...

Yea, I got lucky. Thanks Olga. I still remember us meeting on Handies, and me thinking, geeze if I can just hang with Olga, its gonna be okay. Well, I couldn't. I do plan to train hard and finish. Cause I know there are a whole bunch of Texans who would like to be there. I don't want to waste a spot. I'll do my best to make Texas proud.

Lynn B said...


You know what you have to do! Congrats on getting another shot at the Rock! Now, get out there and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!!!!!

Lynn B