Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Lady

TEXAS LADY (Yea, I wrote this in '98)

Barely sixteen when she had a child
It was the blind, leadin the blind
But, with four years down the road she's twenty now
Workin late nights with school and a child can take its toll on your soul
Now she's startin to learn what lifes about
She's a texas lady, tryin to make her way
Playin the hand, she's been dealt today
She's been California dreamin,
Lord, she's dancin on England's stones
But she's a lady and Texas is her home
She's finally found the love shes needin
In a cowboy from Abilene
He gives her the love and the strength that she needs
But he's left for a job in Dallas, and now he's in Tennessee
She gets a call from her cowboy every week
She's a Texas lady
Trying to make her way
Playin the hand that she's been dealt today
Well, he's been Tennessee livin
He's headed for music row
But, she's a lady and Texas is her home,
She's a lady and Texas is her home.

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