Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Day for Training

Today was a doosey!

Lunch Workout:

50 reps of KB snatch @ 24kg with each arm. WKC rules says you can not set the bell down or rest in the hang position.
I was going for 70 reps each arm, that would have been WKC LVL-I rank, but didn't make it. Will try again next Monday. My heart rate was crazy.
Check the you tube video.

After work was the running workout.

Overall it was 5 miles.
I did 6 hill repeats on treadmill.
Also 6 speed drills on treadmill.

The hill repeats had 3 minute slow down between sets but speed was always 5 MPH for the rest period and the hill period.

1st 2.5 min @ 15% incline HR to 170
2nd 3 min @ 15% incline HR to 173
3rd 3 min @ 15% incline HR to 176
4th 1.5 min @ 15% incline HR to 174
5th 2 min @ 15% incline HR to 176
6th 1.5 min @ 15% incline HR to 170

The speed workout was fast (10 MPH) for 1 minute the to 5MPH for 2 min, then repeat.

1st HR to 170
2nd HR to 174
3rd HR to 173
4th HR to 174
5th HR to 171
6th HR to 182 (.5min @ 12MPH and .5min @ 10MPH)

So getting some turn over speed work in and some hill work.

After that, I was like I outta here.

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