Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WOW, I am Getting Faster.

Ah, I know I haven't posted since Friday, but so what.

Over the weekend, I drank beer and screwed around. Sat morning, put up my pull up bar from Stud Bar. That is cool, still haven't used it yet, but it makes for a great place to hang my ropes from.
Saturday night, I ran into Chris Nall a dude I went to high school with at my local Hooters. We sat around and drank beers and shots, and hit on some cougars. Had to get a cab home, hahah. You, know safety, safety.

Monday I finally got my competition 32kg bell from American Kettlebell Club, that I ordered back at the beginning of December. I am still waiting on the other one and a t-shirt. I am a little pissed off. They have a kettlebell training seminar in Ukraine this summer that I would like to go to, but after my experience so far, I think I will wait.

Also, Monday afternoon, I went to a Barefoot and Pose running seminar in Austin which was presented by Josue Stevens and some folks who train in POSE Running. Best damm seminar I have went to. Afterwards, I chilled out with my trail running friends and my good friend and pacer Naresh. It was a good day.

So on Tuesday, I started trying to run POSE style. Went for 4 miles in the MT100 from New Balance.
Hellva shoe. Didn't record any times, just practicing. Went well.

Tonight, I went for 8 miles, with the recording equipment.

8 Miles total with .5 mile cool down, and a stop for a piss.
1 hour and 5 seconds (7.5 miles). That's nice and that's moving baby.
AVG HR was 155 max was 175. I'll take that, had some nice roller hills in there.
Came out to a 8:05 pace. Best pace was 5:30, but only on downhills.

So, I am sold on POSE. WHY?? Well, last week when I was throwing back some hella paced runs, it really felt like I was stuck in 3rd gear with the pedal on the floor. Now its like, hey i am running sub 7, and yea my lungs feel it and my heart rate is high, but I got 3 gears left. So, bought some videos and books. I will be studying this method. Also, my legs didn't even feel anything. I am pumped, about this.

More in the coming weeks.

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