Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple Truths

Here is something I put together a few years back, maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

Simple Truths

1. Discipline of children is unconditional love.

2. When choosing acquaintances judge not by appearance but by the three I’s, in this order: Integrity, Industry, and Intelligence.

3. Most problems we have as individuals are caused by lack of discipline and failure to set standards for ourselves.

4. Most all men desire to be told what to do, hence the importance of Leadership.

5. You must always take care of number one. When married you are number two the spouse is now number one. When children arrive they become number one.

6. The hardest tasks in life are the most fulfilling.

7. To be respected, first you must respect yourself and secondly you must respect others with the same enthusiasm.

8. The proper order of values are: accountability and responsibility. Adherence of these will bring about the second tier of values, which are: honesty, loyalty, love and respect.

9. To lead your first task is to set the example and secondly to demand compliance of previously established standards in every instance.

10. When examining a problem the first conclusion you come to is not likely to be the true cause of the problem, you must challenge yourself to seek the deeper underlying problem.